Seaplane Flying for
Training and Fun!

Seamax flying  boat

If you have never visited Scandinavia (or only the busy cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg) you will be amazed at the tranquility and other-worldliness of central Sweden.

Here you can take time to relax, enjoy, empty your mind.  No crowds, ‘costas’, no crowded circuits.

Progress in our land-trike or take off and land on the lakes in our amazing Flying Inflatable Boat or our Seamax flying boat.

Great for confidence building in a totally relaxed environment and . . .
. . . most important of all 100% FUN!

Fly for fun,
Fly for a license ...
it doesn’t matter which

  • Want to go flying but never get time?
  • Can’t seem to make progress?
  • Lost the fun-factor?

Stop the world for a few days and get off
in Dalarna, Sweden.

Glorious scenery, incredibly pure air, and the most spectacular flying. Just come for a few days (or a long weekend) and relax and enjoy a completely different flying environment with a UK BMAA instructor Anna Markey


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